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Slavic ships "Dragomira" and "Triglav"


The "Dragomira" is not the first replica of a Slavic ship, but it is the first Slavic boat to be built in the country and to sail the waters of Brandenburg and the Havel. Sixteen students began construction of the Slavic ship “Dragomira as part of a youth training project on 1 September 2000. As the basic form of the oldest shipbuilding, three dugout canoes initially appeared, a large dugout canoe with a length of five meters and two more about four meters long. Oak trunks were stripped of bark and hollowed out using ancient craft techniques, and paddles made. Then the actual construction of the Slavic boat began in the manner of a plank boat. The Slavic plank boat "Dragomira" was completed in April 2003, was certified and than launched in May 2003. The naming took place on 23 May 2003 in the presence of representatives of the city of Brandenburg an der Havel, representatives from business and the employment authorities, and partners and supporters of the project. The "Dragomira" represents a compromise between the original shape of the model, traditional and new construction techniques, construction costs, safety requirements, functionality, and rational use. Thus, instead of the old common field stones, sand bags are used as ballast to improve the safety while sailing with visitors. Even the sail and rigging material correspond to modern standards. The "Dragomira" has a small, hidden motor built-in to enable more guests the opportunity to enjoy the Brandenburg Havel waters despite the many low bridges, and even in calm waters. On special occasions the Slavic ship Dragomira presents a little Slavic history throughout the city of Brandenburg and the Havelland, including the Havel, Harbour and Fischerjacobi festivals. Since 2009 the larger sister ship, the "Triglav" has sailed the waters of the Brandenburg Havel. The almost 14 meter long ship can accommodate 28 guests. It can be rented for group tours by visitors, clubs and families (with crew). Tours are also offered for special occasions. Guided tours provide two or three hour tours of the nature and history of the town of Brandenburg an der Havel from the water. Departure is from the jetty at the Slavic Village.



"Dragomira" and "Triglav" Tours

Guided tours

We show you where to go

Guided tours provide two or three hour tours of the nature and history of the town of Brandenburg an der Havel from the water. Departure is from the jetty at the Slavic Village.
•    Through the Brandenburg old towns
•    Nature and history at four Brandenburg lakes
•    Brandenburg industrial waterfront
•    Buildings on the water - structures in the water
•    Departure to Pritzerbe / “Havel Flambé” (with fireworks)
•    Short trips to the Havel Festival and Cathedral Island Festival


Charter – Tours

Make your own impressions of Brandenburg...  from the water
Experience the historical centre of the old capital of Brandenburg and the beautiful natural landscape of the Brandenburg Havel waters on the individual tours in a historical replica of a ship from the Slavic period. The "Dragomira" offers 12 and the "Triglav" 28 spaces for guests and can be chartered for individual tours with motor, oars or sail.

Cost: One hour charter of the "Dragomira" (with crew) costs €80, two hours €120. The "Triglav" can be chartered for €110 or €150.


Treasure Hunt

Not just an experience for kids

Go on an adventure! Go on a treasure hunt with your family and the children! Whether treasure hunter, boatswain or adventurer, you will experience many surprises learn much about nature as a small group searching the magnificent Brandenburg waters! After putting on historical costumes and searching for (finding!) the treasure map and storing some equipment and provisions, it’s off to the historical ship - and the quest can begin. Children always search for the treasure together with the crew and parents/adults. After stopping at some lonely spots, lunch over a fire in the open and mastering some unexpected challenges, the children find the treasure.

Duration: about 3 hours
Total cost: €190